Wake up, go to work, then drive home. This is how the day looks for many working Americans. However, employees that work from home do not have a morning or evening commute. Working from home comes with many positives, but it also has several downsides. Working from home causes many to develop or exasperate mental health issues because of the lack of human camaraderie.

Freelancers, work-from-home employees, and small business owners are no longer confined to working out of their apartments or coffee shops. Renting an office from eSuites gives you access to a network of hardworking individuals and a professional environment in which to complete your work.

Why Rent an Office from eSuites?

Leaving your home during regular business hours is not an option because you must get your work done. It may start to feel like you are unable to leave the house at all. eSuites gives you the ability to leave your work at our rental offices. Once you “clock out” for the day, you can commute home and use this time to decompress from a long day in the office.

Benefits of Renting an Office at eSuites

eSuites has several amenities that you cannot find in your home office. Our state-of-the-art conference rooms are filled with everything you need for a successful meeting. Invite potential clients or business associates into our conference rooms for a professional backdrop to conduct your business. Our conference rooms are available for rent hourly, daily, or weekly.

eSuites also offers the following amenities for our business professionals:

  1. Fully Stocked Kitchen and Lounge Area
  2. Networking Classes and Business Opportunities
  3. Secure Mail Room
  4. WIFI, Fax, Scan, and Print Capabilities
  5. Professional Mailing Address

Contact Us to Escape the Monotony

If you are ready to escape the monotony of working from home, you should contact us at 561-800-2827. We offer free tours of our offices, and we are happy to show you around during regular business hours. There is no reason to spend another day working by yourself in your apartment when you could be working amongst like-minded business professionals.