Beat the Small Business Isolation with an Office Rental

As a small business owner, you may battle isolation and loneliness. Many small businesses are run as single-member limited liability corporations where you may not have the camaraderie of co-workers. If you are feeling isolated while working from home, eSuites has an option to connect you with other like-minded individuals. eSuites offers daily office rentals in Palm Beach County where you can experience a co-working environment.

Common Isolation Issues

A small business owner may put in 80 hours or more per week trying to get their business off the ground. If you are spending all this time by yourself, you may experience some of the following issues:

  1. Lack of accountability

Without a direct boss or co-workers to report to, you may feel you are not being held accountable for your deadlines. This may cause your work ethic to slip or fail to get orders fulfilled in a timely manner. Beat this isolation by contacting eSuites for a business room for rent.2.

2.Lack of community

Workplaces often turn into a small family, especially if you have worked at the company for many years. Without co-workers around, you will not have access to this community of people to share your day. If you rent a space for a day with eSuites, you can get this feeling of camaraderie back. eSuites has shared desk spaces available where you will be working among similar business professionals.

3.Lack of collaboration

It is difficult to find networking opportunities when you are working by yourself. If you are feeling stranded in the middle of the ocean, let eSuites throw you a lifeline. eSuites has several business workshops and networking opportunities as a part of their value-added services.

What is a coworking environment?

eSuites gives business owners an opportunity to rent an office for a day. You can choose from several packages that range from renting an entire private office to sharing a desk space in a co-working environment. In a co-working environment, you will work in the same room as other business professionals. eSuites offers a clean, professional environment for you to get your work done.

Focus on your work and easily network with other business owners when you rent an office space through eSuites. Contact eSuites at 561-800-2827 to speak to a representative regarding their current office space rental availability. eSuites is conveniently located throughout Palm Beach County.