The internet changed the world as we knew it nearly thirty years ago and with each passing day it continues to find new ways to make life more convenient. Streaming services eliminated bulky collections of movies and music and gave us everything we could ever think of listening to or watching.

Banking, shopping, research, and more day-to-day errands can be done with the click of the mouse. The invention of smartphones gave us all of this technology and power in the palms of our hands. You can even buy a car online, which is still mind-boggling. Now the internet has found a way to make commuting to the office a thing of the past. Temporary office space is available through eSuites, as are virtual offices. The temporary office allows you to rent office space when you are out of town, and virtual offices allow you to complete your entire workday from the comfort of your bed if you so choose.


The benefits of virtual offices are numerous. Even if you are capable of meeting your customers’ needs remotely, appearances still matter. Regardless of the quality of your work, there are still people in the world who would look upon your business differently if they knew you were working remotely.

A virtual office will provide you with a physical address to give your clients. Having a physical address will provide your business with a level of credibility that working from home just cannot do. Now you have access to an office to create a good first impression from clients while allowing you to have occasional in-person meetings.

Working from home used to be fairly rare, but it has become increasingly popular in recent years. In the wake of COVID-19, the majority of people work from home and like it. Virtual offices allow you to work wherever you want. Having a virtual office allows the small business owner to save money thanks to the decrease in overhead. By providing flexibility for your employees to work from wherever they want, they are more likely to be happier workers and happy employees attract prospective future employees who recognize the benefits.

As mentioned before, the virtual office eliminates the commute. Studies show that the average one-way commute time in the United States is just under 30 minutes – that’s nearly five hours a week! If you have to commute through larger cities, traffic is significantly worse, which causes a lot of stress.

By eliminating this unnecessary stress, you are adding years to your life. Not to mention that many employees will quit their job for a similar job with a shorter commute.

With a virtual office address from eSuites, you can eliminate your commute without even letting your clients know that you are working from your home. For more benefits of virtual offices, or if you have any questions, please visit