Working from home is becoming increasingly popular in the modern workplace. Work from home enables businesses to source talent from different regions and hire online freelancer contractors. Although working from home may seem like a big change compared to working in an office, it comes with several benefits:

Save on Your Commute Time

The average commute in the United States is 27.6 minutes long one way. That equates to approximately 200.80 hours or 9.2 days of travel time annually. Working from home means you can skip the morning commute and spend that extra 27.6 minutes in the morning developing healthy habits, such as exercising.

Hybrid Work Models

Even a work-from-home employee needs a physical address to receive mail. eSuites offers a virtual office package for any work-from-home individuals. The virtual office allows you to use a professional address for mail deliveries. eSuites has a secure location for package and mail deliveries, so you have peace of mind that your mail is safe.

Some individuals work better in an office setting. For freelancers interested in working around others, eSuites offers coworking spaces. Rent desk space among other like-minded business professionals. As a work-from-home employee, you have the flexibility of choosing where you want to conduct your work.

Save Money

Working from home makes it easy to save money on gas and food expenses. Rather than going out to lunch with coworkers, you’ll be more inclined to make your own lunch. If you rent a coworking space at eSuites, you could use the fully stocked kitchen to make your lunches. Saving $15 per day from purchasing lunch will save you approximately $3,900 per year.

Not only will you save money on lunches and gas, but you will also have more time to prepare a homecooked meal for dinner. The extra 27.6 minutes you will save on your evening commute is enough time to prepare the evening’s dinner.

Flexible Work Schedule

Working from home offers a flexible work schedule. Although you may still need to be available for work calls or business meetings, you have the flexibility of setting your own breaks. If you rent a coworking space from eSuites, you could come and go from the office as you choose. The coworking space is yours for the day, and nobody is going to restrict the times that you are able to use it.

As a work-from-home employee, you have several advantages over working from a traditional office environment. Contact eSuites at 561-800-2827 if you would like to rent a coworking space or a virtual office.