Sending Christmas cards is a timeless tradition followed by many families. Before making a Christmas card, families must take updated family pictures. After all, nobody wants to receive a Christmas card with a photo of the kids from 5 years ago.

As a photographer, you experience one of your busiest seasons during the holidays. Finding rental space to set up a photo session can be difficult if you do not have access to a studio. Building and tearing down a photo backdrop takes valuable time – time you are not spending taking or editing photos. Rent a conference room or a private office from eSuites in West Palm Beach for your next photoshoot.

Why Rent with eSuites?

You can choose how long to rent with eSuites, without signing any long-term contracts. This is perfect for photographers who experience an ebb and flow with their business. During the busy season, you can block off a particular private office or conference room for whatever length of time you require. This will allow you to leave your photo backdrop set up, saving you precious time. Your clients will appreciate the professional background of your temporary photo studio. It lends more credibility to your business than clients meeting you at your home office.

Renting an office with eSuites also comes with many amenities:

  1. WiFi, Fax, Scan & Print Capabilities
  2. Secure Mail Facility
  3. Professional Mailing Address
  4. Fully Stocked Kitchenette
  5. Shared Lounge Area for Clients
  6. Business Networking Workshops

Your eSuites office rental can double as your photo studio, as well as your temporary office. It is easier to focus on completing your work when you are away from home. Without constant home interruptions, you may find yourself more productive than ever. With a private office rental at eSuites, you can expect your photo business to flourish.

Rent an Office from eSuites for a Photoshoot

Renting a private office from eSuites has never been easier. Please contact our office at 561-800-2827 to inquire about a free tour of our facility. You can rent our office space on your time with no long-term contracts or early cancellation penalties.