Leaving the house in the middle of winter is overrated. While commercials show picturesque families playing in the snow, they do not show hardworking professionals sloughing through slush-filled streets to get to the office.

To avoid these winter troubles, many employees take advantage of working from home, whether they work for a large company, own their own business, or freelance. However, working out of your home has its disadvantages. eSuites, an office rental company in West Palm Beach, has a virtual office package that solves many of these disadvantages.

Why do I need to rent a virtual office?

Working from home limits your professionalism. Freelancers or small business owners must use their home addresses as the front for their business. Using your home address limits your credibility in the eyes of potential clients or business partners. You gain access to a permanent professional address when you book a virtual office with eSuites. If a potential client were to search the address online, they would see the office building of eSuites come up rather than your residence.

Using our permanent address for your business will also gain access to our secure mail facility. Your business mail will arrive safely and securely in our secure mail room. You can pick up the mail on your schedule and never worry about missing important business mail again.

Putting on a professional façade during a video call can also be difficult with kids or pets in the background. eSuites virtual office package is the perfect solution because it lets you get the best of both worlds. You can work from home in your normal day-to-day operations. However, should you need to host a business meeting, you can rent an office for a day with eSuites. eSuite’s virtual office package allows you to rent flexible office space on your schedule.

Step Up Your Work from Home Game with a Virtual Office Package

eSuites caters to every type of employee. From conference room rentals to a virtual office package, we offer something for everyone. Work-from-home employees can take advantage of several amenities, such as our permanent mailing address, with our virtual office rentals. Please call our office at 561-800-2827 to speak with a representative regarding our virtual offices.