As a freelancer, your business profit is tied to your ability to draw clients into your workshops while not overpaying for a conference room rental. The availability of rental meeting rooms can be slim, depending on your location. To avoid overpaying for meeting space, host your next workshop at one of eSuite’s rental conference rooms.

Items to Consider When Hosting a Workshop

Much planning goes into hosting a paid workshop. Some important items to consider include the following:

  1. Size of the Meeting Space – How many attendees are you anticipating hosting? You do not want to book a space for your workshop too small or too large. Too small, and you will be turning clients away. Too large and will appear empty if you cannot fill all available seats. Find the perfect-sized conference room at eSuites. We offer several different sizes of conference rooms, which can accommodate groups ranging from intimate gatherings to large office parties.
  2. Time of the Workshop – Renting a conference room through eSuites means you can block off as many hours as you need to host your workshop from start to finish properly. It would be best to account for additional time after the workshop is finished for the attendees to network with one another. You can even block off the entire day or multiple days in a row if you intend on hosting multiple sessions throughout the week.
  3. Location, Location, Location – The location of the workshop does matter. The meeting space should be easily accessible from the main roads and not in an obscure location. eSuites is located right off the highway in West Palm Beach and close to the Palm Beach International Airport. Our central location makes it ideal for business travelers to access business workshops.

Host Your Next Workshop at eSuites

eSuites offer clean and professional conference rooms for rent in West Palm Beach. Our conference rooms are perfect for hosting your next workshop. The conference rooms have seating, video conference equipment, and complimentary high-speed, secure WIFI. Our rooms are also disinfected before each rental block. Please contact our office at (561) 800-2827 to learn more about our rental conference rooms.