Meetings are an inevitable part of working in an office setting. Between meeting with coworkers and clients, you may find that you spend a good chunk of your workday in and out of meetings. When you are not in a meeting, you are probably busy preparing for tomorrow’s upcoming meeting. Thanks to recent events in the past couple of years, more workplaces are transitioning to virtual meetings rather than meeting in person. For freelancers or contractors, this type of meeting is ideal because it cuts out valuable travel time.

However, there are times that an in-person meeting cannot be avoided. Meeting with a client face to face is a better way to make a first impression than meeting through a phone call or video call. When you need to make a great first impression, host your office meeting at a rental conference room at eSuites.

Conference Rooms for Rent

Freelancers, contractors, or single-member LLCs often work from home. Being on the road makes it difficult to work out of one single location, so it makes sense not to pay for an expensive office lease. When it comes to business meetings though, it is unprofessional to host a meeting in your home. Restaurants are not ideal for business meetings, because you cannot use a projector to show a presentation during dinner. Put your best foot forward by renting a conference room from eSuites.

Our conference rooms are outfitted with everything you need for a smooth business meeting. All conference rooms are cleaned and sanitized between uses, so you do not have to worry about a dirty workplace. The conference rooms are also equipped with phone and video conference technology, as well as desks and office chairs.

Our conference rooms range in size, depending on how many individuals you are expecting during the meeting. We have rooms available to accommodate both small and large group sizes. We allow our rental conference rooms in West Palm Beach to be booked hourly. This way you are not paying hourly for a conference room that you may only need for 1 or 2 hours.

eSuites has the ideal rental conference rooms for your next business meeting. Please contact our office at 561-800-2827 to schedule a free tour of our facility. We are happy to show you the different conference rooms that we have available.