Over the past few years, many businesses have gone to a remote work model. Our workplace meetings have moved to video calls, in-person meetings have been canceled, and the world slowly kept on spinning. Since remote work became the new normal, expensive office leases were canceled because there was no point in paying for an empty office space.

Now that the world is opening back up again, there is no reason to continue a 100% fully remote work model. Remote employees cannot collaborate on projects or meet clients for important business meetings in person. Businesses transitioning to a hybrid office get the best of both worlds. Rather than renewing an expensive office lease, rent an office from eSuites for your hybrid employees.

Benefits of a Hybrid Office

Renting office space through eSuites allows your employees to have a space where they can collaborate in person on various projects. Although video technology has come a long way in the past 10 years, it is still a far cry from sitting next to someone to hash out project specifics. eSuites also has conference rooms for rent should you need to get multiple employees to bring their heads together on an assignment.

Employees relish remote work because it allows them flexibility throughout their workday. Allowing your employees to continue working remotely for a portion of their work week will boost employee morale and increase your retention rate. Happy employees are less likely to jump ship to a competitor.

Renting an office through eSuites allows your employees to have a central hub for receiving professional mail or hosting meetings. eSuites has a secure mail room on-site, allowing our clients to utilize our professional mailing address for their business. Rather than your employees receiving confidential mail at home, where it could get lost or stolen, it can all be received at our eSuites secure mail room.

Contact Us to Book Your Hybrid Office

A hybrid office offers the best of both worlds for your employees. eSuites allows businesses to rent flexible office space for their employees on a daily basis. You can pick and choose how many desks or private offices your employees will need at eSuites. Setting clear expectations for your hybrid work employees will improve work production and employee satisfaction. Please contact our office at 561-800-2827 to discuss our various package deals.