Although virtual work was becoming more prevalent before the pandemic, the recent events have accelerated its rate of adoption. As we move into the wake of the pandemic, many businesses are finding that they must re-think what sort of work environment they want to cultivate into their company culture.

Why is Company Culture Important?

The company culture demonstrates to new hires and potential employees what they can expect from your workplace. It is important to know from day 1 if someone will not thrive in your company’s culture. The standards and ideals change from company to company, and there is no set right or wrong company culture. Some workplaces encourage virtual work, while others adopt a hybrid model.

Productivity Skyrockets in a Hybrid Work Environment

A hybrid work environment fosters both flexibility and collaboration amongst employees. Employees love the flexibility of working from home or setting their own working hours. However, there is always the option of collaborating in person with another coworker on a project. Virtual meetings are great to a point. Connecting with a coworker on a project is best done face to face so that no important information is lost in translation.

Renting an office through eSuites is ideal for hybrid work environments. There is no point in paying to maintain an empty office for 50% – 75% of the work week. eSuites allows your company to rent desk space only for the employees that will be coming into the office. Since the rental offices at eSuites are rented hourly, daily, or weekly, you have the flexibility of renting office space only when you need it. Keep your company’s hard-earned money from being wasted by only paying for space that is actively being used.

Where is eSuites Located?

eSuites has a convenient location in West Palm Beach. We are located right off of I-95 and the beach is also only a short 15-minute drive away, making it the ideal location for a quick lunch break.

If your company is considering switching to a hybrid work environment in your company culture, rent your office space through eSuites. Please call our office at 561-800-2827 to learn more about what we have to offer.