There are ways to increase your work productivity that do not involve taking espresso shots. Electronics are also cheaper than ever, with entry-level laptops and desktop computers costing less than $500. An easy way to boost your work output is to add a dual monitor to your workstation. eSuites, an office rental company, has ample room on our desks to allow for a dual monitor set-up.

What are Dual Monitors?

Dual monitors are where you use 2 computer screens at your workstation. Dual screens are commonplace, so most laptops and computers will accommodate dual computer screens. You can click and drag windows from one screen to another without switching to a different laptop. For multiple monitors, you will require 2 computer screens or your laptop plus an additional computer screen.

Benefits of Using Dual Monitors

eSuites allows our clients to use whatever set-up they feel comfortable with. Several clients choose to bring in their desktop computers, while other professionals use portable laptops. For clients that rent a long-term private office, setting up a dual-screen will improve your productivity. Multiple monitors have the following benefits:

  • Increase Data Entry Productivity

Rather than switching back and forth between spreadsheets or windows, you can see both spreadsheets right next to one another. This allows for faster and more accurate data entry.

  • Make Video Meetings Easier

During a video meeting, sharing your screen means you are constrained to what you can open at one time. If you must reference a separate document, sharing your screen makes this difficult and could make your presentation appear muddled. A second screen lets you have your essential documentation for reference right where you need it during your presentation.

  • Additional Workspace

Sometimes it feels like there is insufficient space to complete your work on a small laptop screen. Adding a second monitor can double the workspace and significantly increase your productivity.

eSuites allows our clients to get their work done in the most comfortable manner. We encourage dual monitor set-ups for clients and give you ample space on your desk for dual screens. Please contact our office at 561-800-2827 to receive a free tour of our facility. We offer co-working spaces, as well as private offices for rent in West Palm Beach.