Which would be more apt to bring a smile to your face, a windowless prison or a penthouse suite with a view of the city. Humanity is spending more time than ever inside. It is no wonder that a recent study found that workers are more productive and happier when they have exposure to sunlight and other elements of nature, such as plants. Creating happier employees is easy when you rent an office from eSuites. Many of our private offices and conference rooms for rent have large windows that look directly outside at beautiful landscapes.

What is eSuites?

eSuites is an office rental company in West Palm Beach. We offer flexible offices and conference rooms for rent. None of our office rentals require a long-term contract and you can cancel at any time. We allow our clients the flexibility to ditch their office leases and save money by renting an office.

eSuites brings the convenience of working from home to a professional office environment. You are not responsible for paying for building upkeep or amenities, such as internet or phone services. We include all the amenities within your rental package, and you can rent either hourly or daily time blocks. Other amenities that we offer include a secure mail facility, professional mailing address, and a fully stocked kitchen and shared lounge area. We also host periodic business workshops where you can network with other like-minded business professionals.

How eSuites is Going Green

We strive to allow our clients to better connect with nature throughout the typical workday. Our private offices for rent and conference rooms have large, ceiling-to-floor spanning windows that look directly outside. We also bring nature aesthetics inside by having potted plants as trendy décor and a peaceful meditation garden in the middle of the suite. Having the natural light pour in through the windows will make it easier to focus on your work and improve your mental health.

Contact eSuites for an Office Rental Tour

We offer free tours of our premises for any prospective clients. Contact our office at 561-800-2827 to schedule your tour. Our representative can take down your details and find the best office rental package for your business.