Mental health has gone from being swept under the rug to be being viewed as just as important as physical health. The growing need for counselors and therapists is putting a strain on the system. In 2021, over 67% of psychologists have reported more referrals than ever before. With waiting lists longer than they have ever been, it can be difficult for individuals to get the help that they need in a timely fashion.

A therapist looking for an office rental may have to wait months for the office set-up to be complete. Setting up the office includes purchasing office furniture, performing any needed repairs to the office space, and hiring a receptionist and janitorial service. Rather than having to wait to assist your patients, consider renting an office through eSuites, an office rental company in West Palm Beach.

Advantages of Renting an Office from eSuites

Although the need for therapists is higher than ever before, new graduates are still saddled with debt. The median debt that psychologists graduate with is roughly $80,000, and this figure varies depending on the specific major of the graduate. With high student loan debt, most brand-new psychologists will not be able to afford to lease an office space with all the associated costs of maintaining the office. The advantage of renting an office from eSuites is that we handle everything for you. Outside of the rental fee, you do not have to worry about office furniture or hiring staff. Other advantages of renting a private office from eSuites include:

  • Choice of Private Office or Co-working Space

eSuites offers both private offices and co-working spaces. On days when you will not be seeing patients, you can opt to rent a co-working space instead. Using a co-working space allows you to network with other like-minded individuals and socialize throughout the day.

  • All Amenities are Included

eSuites offers a stocked kitchenette with complementary coffee, water, and snacks. You will also have access to the WIFI, printing, and faxing services. eSuites also offers a secure mail room, so you do not have to worry about your packages being stolen or lost.

Contact eSuites to Rent an Office for a Therapy Service

Please contact eSuites at 561-800-2827 to request a free tour of our private offices for rent. We are located in West Palm Beach and cater to a multitude of business professionals.