For most of us, the days after Christmas and New Years are filled with attempting to recover from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. However, tax professionals are busy attempting to prepare for the onslaught of tax season. The busy season for accountants runs from February to April and again from July to October, for those that needed extensions.

Since tax professionals have such varied workloads throughout the year, there is no point in maintaining a leased office year-round. During the downtimes, tax professionals may be able to complete their work by working from home. Outside of the busy season, clients will rarely need to come to an accountant’s office as most of the work can be completed virtually. Renting a private office from eSuites will save you money as opposed to maintaining an expensive office lease.

Private Offices to Rent from eSuites

eSuites offers both co-working spaces and private offices for rent. During the busy season when you will be seeing clients, you can opt for a private office rental. eSuites has no long-term contracts and office rentals are flexible. Once the busy season is over, you can drop down to renting a co-working space. eSuites maintains a professional environment for your clients to associate with your business. We handle everything from the janitorial service to the WIFI. Once you rent with eSuites, you will never want to go back to leasing a private office again.

Professional Mailing Address for Tax Professionals

Some tax professionals opt to work from home while filing clients’ taxes. This works up to the point of a client requesting a meeting or needing to drop off tax material. eSuites gives you the added benefit of having a professional mailing address to offer your clients. This is a secure address they can mail important documents or stop by to drop them off in person. Our secure mail facility ensures that your business mail will not be lost or stolen.

Flexible Rental Offices for Accountants

Accountants can take advantage of working out of a private office, while not worrying about expensive building maintenance fees. Please contact eSuites at 561-800-2827 to schedule a free tour of our private offices. eSuites is located in West Palm Beach, and we maintain a professional working environment for business professionals.