Private Office

Renting a dedicated office can be costly, especially when you need a specific location and around-the-clock access. eSuites allows you to save money on renting a commercial office space by providing a private office in which you can carry out your daily business activities. By having your own office with 24/7 access, you’ll always have a place to get work done.


Shared Desk Space

If a dedicated office space does not suit your business setup, and you like the idea of community, then a shared office space might be the option for you. eSuites offers co-working spaces and temporary or as-needed office spaces to provide a flexible way for you to work. Here, you can present a polished and professional image to your clients and take the “home” part out of your current home-office setup.


Conference & Training Rooms

You will always have a spot for your next board meeting, brain storming session, or team project for however long you need it when you rent one of our conference rooms. eSuites offers professional, on-demand conference rooms equipped with state-of-the-art audio/visual presentation equipment and materials, comfy seating, conference-ready phones, and hospitality options. You can be confident that your meetings will run smoothly every time, by renting one of our conference rooms.


Virtual Office

Virtual offices are perfect for the digital nomad, solopreneur or start-up who is looking for a permanent address, but doesn’t want the overhead. They provide you with a local business address, but allow you the flexibility to work wherever your job takes you. Our virtual offices are housed inside eSuites and members have access to our private offices and coworking spaces when they want to set up shop. eSuites offers you the convenience of having a space to do your best work and frees up time for you to focus on growing your business.


Phone Answering

eSuites can provide you with a partner phone answering service provider in accordance to your business needs. When a prospect or client calls, that call will be answered by a professional virtual receptionist who acts as an impressive first point of contact for your business. As the virtual receptionists get to know your business and become an extension of your team, you will have the certainty in knowing that your incoming calls are always professionally answered and serviced.


Business Growth

From business coaching, to mini classes and leadership workshops, eSuites provides you the opportunity to network, collaborate, and expand your business when you attend one of our events. In the coworking environment, the simple act of working alongside enterprising professionals and getting to know other members of the community inspires the creative process. Collaborating with these professionals while you attend a workshop or networking event at eSuites could lead to the potential formation of new businesses, or an expansion of your current business. By increasing your network, you can increase your net worth!