Start-ups are difficult to get off the ground. After all, 50% of all startups will fail in the first 5 years. Your start-up can save money and develop additional networking opportunities by using a shared office space from eSuites. eSuites allows you to rent an office for a day for a nominal fee.

Why Use a Shared Office Space?

Historically, start-ups were run out of the owner’s house or leased office space. Both options come with several disadvantages. A leased office space requires a signed, long-term contract. Start-ups are tight on cash flow until the business gets going.

Dedicating the business to paying monthly rent on a building is less money that can be re-invested into the company. Leased office space also requires the business owner to cover the cost of utilities and provide their own office furniture. Outfitting an office is an enormous investment when money is tight.

Running the business out of the owner’s house saves money on an office rental. However, it is difficult to maintain a professional appearance during business meetings. Working out of the house will not work for everyone, for reasons ranging from kids or noisy pets to noisy neighbors. You could miss out on business opportunities because a customer does not view your operation as a “real” business. Some individuals may also lack the space in their home for their business desk or machinery.

What is a Shared Office Space?

eSuites can solve these issues by providing your business with a shared office space. Your business can have its own office room for rent at one of the eSuites locations in Palm Beach County. At eSuites, you can tailor your shared day office rental to your needs. They have options ranging from shared desks to dedicated desks that only you will use.

If a shared office space isn’t right for you, eSuites also gives you an option to rent a business room. This will be a dedicated office space just for your business to use. This option is typically better for larger businesses instead of 1 man start-ups.

eSuites has a variety of daily workspace rentals available that can save your start-up some serious cash. Not only will you be able to maintain a professional appearance, but you can save money by using a shared office space through eSuites. Contact eSuites at 561-800-2827 to speak to a representative about booking office space for a day.