Many companies have adopted a work from home model during the past two years. As the world slowly returns to near normal, businesses will either transition to a hybrid model or eliminate work from home altogether. If you are a business owner searching for a new workspace for your employees, eSuites has daily office space rentals available in Palm Beach County. If your employees are having difficulties transitioning to working from the office again, we have a couple of tips for you:

Transition Back Slowly

Many employees have an existing family or home commitment that makes a jarring transition difficult. It is best to start with a slow transition back to the office to make it easier for your employees. Arranging childcare or ride shares could take several weeks. You could try using a hybrid work model for several months before eliminating work from home. eSuites is flexible on office rentals. Let us know every month what your anticipated workspace rental needs are and we can work with you.

Offer an Incentive

Companies may want to offer gift bags or host a small get-together to begin the process of transitioning back to the office. Hosting a company picnic or an office party is a great way to have your employees mingle and get to know one another again. If any new employees have joined the team virtually over the past 2 years, they can get to know everyone before coming back to the office. This will also allow you to gauge your employee’s morale and address any employee concerns. eSuites offers several large conference rooms for rent if you need a space for your work party.

Lend an Ear

Employees may have reservations about returning to the office. Ensure your employees know that your door is always open if they need to talk. Some employees thrive when working from home, while others work better from the office. You need to anticipate your employee’s needs when making this transition. Some businesses even offer counseling services as a part of their benefits package.

Businesses ready to make the transition back to the office should contact an eSuites representative at 561-800-2827. We can help make your move back to the office as seamless as possible. Our offices are equipped with fully stocked kitchens and other amenities. Your employees will have a home away from home at one of our office rentals.