We are all guilty of relaxing during work hours. Between the internet, coffee breaks, and socializing with coworkers, it can be difficult to get any work done before 10 am. When you are a solo entrepreneur, relaxing only hurts your own business. When you have no employees or co-founders, the entire weight of the business rests on your shoulders. Increasing your productivity can seem difficult, especially during the dog days of summer. However, we do have several tips and tricks for increasing your productivity during work hours.

Make a Schedule – and stick with it!

Writing down daily, weekly, and monthly work goals will help keep you on track. Rather than winging your work goals, you will have an actual metric to measure yourself up to. When you are your own boss, you need a way to keep yourself accountable.

Time Management

Throughout the standard workday, breaking your time up into manageable chunks will help to keep you on track. Allotting yourself an hour to create a business report followed by a half-hour to finish up a client’s request will prevent you from procrastinating. Rather than putting off tasks that you do not want to do, you will be forced to address them head on in order to stick to the schedule.

Rent an Office from eSuites

Working from home can make it difficult to keep yourself on track. All the standard home distractions, such as children, loud neighbors or pets, means that your focus will wander. There is also no accountability because you have no one to answer to at home. Renting an office for the day through eSuites in West Palm Beach will allow you to focus 100% on getting your work completed.

eSuites is an office rental company that focuses on creating a professional business environment. Clients have the option of renting either co-working spaces or private offices. Co-working spaces are great ways to keep yourself on track without hiring employees or co-workers. Having other hardworking professionals in the same workspace will drive you to focus on getting your work completed.

eSuites has flexible office rentals in West Palm Beach. Our rentals require no contracts, and you are welcome to cancel anytime. Please call our office at 561-800-2827 to schedule a free tour of our facility. Our co-working spaces can help you focus and increase your work productivity.