You spend on average 10 days per year commuting to and from work. Over the span of your career, that adds up to nearly 14 months spent driving back and forth to work. The average American drives 28 minutes one way to get to work. With the ever-rising cost of homes, families move further away from their jobs to secure cheaper housing in rural areas. That is a large portion of your life wasted while sitting in traffic. Thankfully, we have identified several ways that you could cut down on your commute time.

Rent an Office for a Day

By leasing an office full-time, you are losing money if you are not making full use of that space. However, driving back and forth from the office adds to long commute times. Save money and time on your commute by renting an office for a day from eSuites.

Our daily office rentals are available on a flexible schedule and require no long-term commitments. That means you could choose to work from the office only 2 or 3 days per week, saving commuting time. You only pay for the days you use the rental office, so you will no longer feel guilty about unused office space.

Virtual Work

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners are choosing to work from home. This eliminates the commute. Take back control of your mornings by performing your work virtually. eSuites offers several virtual office packages to enable a seamless transition to working from home.

Our virtual office packages include a phone answering service and a permanent mailing address to receive your business mail. Rather than using your home address for your business, use eSuite’s professional mailing address. This makes your business appear more legitimate and gives you a safe location to receive business packages.

Increase Hours Worked

Working 8-hour days 5 days per week has a longer commute than working 10-hour days 4 days per week. If working from home is out of the question, simply increase your work hours to decrease your commute. The offices for rent at eSuites are available hourly or daily, depending on your need.

eSuites has flexible office space for rent in West Palm Beach. Contact our office at 561-800-2827 to schedule a free tour of our facilities. We can assist you in finding the perfect office rental package.