Working from home has its pros and cons. On the one hand, you get to remove yourself from the stressful morning commute and save money on gas and travel expenses. On the other hand, it can be difficult to focus on getting your work completed. Constant interruptions around the home kill your productivity and land you in hot water at work. Having your kids barge in while you are on a crucial zoom call with a client also looks unprofessional. The eSuites has tips and tricks to increase your work productivity while working virtually.

Use a Phone Answering Service

A phone answering service acts as a virtual receptionist for your business. They answer all phone calls and act as a liaison for your clients. This ensures that no phone calls go unanswered while you are tackling little Timmy’s second “emergency” of the day. Clients have a better first impression of your company if they speak with a real person instead of your answering machine. The eSuites has a phone answering service available for our virtual workers. We make it easy to maintain a professional appearance to your customers.

Rent an Office for a Day

Sometimes there is no better place to get work done than at an office. Removing yourself from the chaotic home environment could increase your productivity tremendously. The eSuites has daily office rentals in West Palm Beach. All office rentals are flexible and require no long-term commitments. This is the perfect compromise for someone who primarily works from home but needs a professional backdrop from time to time.

Create a Network

Working from home can be lonely, especially as a solo business owner. Your work would increase tremendously if you had a fellow entrepreneur to bounce ideas off. The eSuites makes it easy for professionals to network with one another. We offer coworking spaces to situate you in the same area as other like-minded business professionals. As a virtual employee, you also have access to eSuites’s business workshops. These business workshops are an ideal location for networking and creating connections.

Contact us to Schedule a Tour

Working from home does not have to be stressful. eSuites takes the stress out of working from home by offering phone answering services, office rentals, and opportunities to network with other professionals. Contact our office at 561-800-2827 to schedule a free tour of our facility.