Working from home can be a challenge. There are only so many times you can be interrupted by the UPS delivery driver, your dog needing to go outside, or your spouse asking what you are having for dinner that evening. Getting your work completed in a timely fashion can be a disaster when you work from home.

Rather than slug through the endless work-from-home interruptions, rent an office from eSuites. The hassle-free online booking platform lets you quickly and conveniently book office space from the comfort of your home.

Rent Both Coworking and Private Office Spaces

eSuites has office space to suit every type of employee. If your work is more confidential in nature and requires privacy, we have a wide selection of private rental offices. These rental offices allow you to conduct your work safely and securely, with many of them having a beautiful view.

For those that do not need a private office, we recommend our coworking spaces. Coworking means renting a desk in the same room as other hardworking business professionals. You can choose the dates and times to rent the desk space.

When you rent either a coworking or private office from us, you gain access to all of our amenities. We offer high-speed internet access, as well as printing, scanning and faxing services. Many of our clients also utilize our secure mail facility. You will never have to worry about a stolen package again. Our mail room is only able to be accessed by current eSuite clientele. You can utilize our professional mailing address as the front for your business. This allows your clients to view you in a more professional manner.

Give eSuites a Call to Rent Office Space

eSuites is centrally located in West Palm Beach, so you will not have a long commute. We offer free tours to potential clients and offer several office rental packages. We can tailor the office rental package to meet your specific needs. Think of eSuites the next time you are interrupted for the umpteenth time while working from home. Give us a call at 561-800-2827 to schedule your free tour.