Although there are individuals who thrive working from home, the exact opposite is also true for many professionals. Working by yourself is not for everyone. People are social animals who thrive on daily interactions, no matter how small. Without daily interactions with coworkers and clients, many business professionals report higher rates of depression and anxiety. Rental offices, such as eSuites, bring professionals together in ways never seen before. eSuites is an office rental company in West Palm Beach with private office and coworking spaces for rental.

Who Should Use Office Rentals?

Multiple individuals would greatly benefit from using a rental office from eSuites:

  • Traveling Workers

Many employees travel on the job, moving from city to city to drum up more sales. Without a base office in every new city, you are resigned to performing your work out of a hotel room. This is not ideal because of the distractions galore in hotels. Hotels are also not the perfect location to host business meetings or accept packages or business mail. eSuites allows you to book a coworking space on a flexible basis. We require no contract, so you are free to rent the office only for as long as you are in town. eSuites also has conference rooms for rent if you need to host an in-person business meeting.

  • Remote Employees

Although you may work directly for an employer, working from home has many distractions that may be keeping you from getting your work done. Rather than working directly from your employer’s office, opt to rent an office instead. In this way, you keep your freedom from your employer, but you are also working in a professional environment. This will allow you to get your work done quickly while surrounded by other business professionals.

  • Freelancers

These professionals lack a sense of community because they often work alone for various clients. Beat the loneliness by working in one of eSuite’s coworking spaces. Our coworking spaces bring business professionals together and allow organic networking to occur. We have a shared lounge and kitchenette area that permits our professionals to spend their lunch time with one another.

Office rentals are no longer just for one type of worker. People from all different walks of life benefit from renting an office from eSuites. Contact our office by calling 561-800-2827 to get more information on our office rentals.