The workplace environment as we know it has changed forever. This was gradually becoming the situation long before the COVID-19 pandemic impacted businesses. More and more people were starting small businesses and more work was able to be done outside of “the office,” either online or over the phone.

Now that we live in a semi-post COVID world, the gradual change turned into an all-out shredding of the office as we knew it. People spent more than a year learning to work from their home and they do not want to go back into the office.

Businesses learned that things ran smoothly without bringing everyone into the office and they can save a lot of their overhead expenses by eliminating dedicated office space. There is no more expensive lease, utilities, or maintenance team to pay. All that money that had been spent in the past on brick-and-mortar office buildings turned into pure profit.

Everyone has grown accustomed to the convenience that the pandemic brought to their work experience, and those who can want to stay home. Luckily there are companies out there like eSuites that provide alternatives to the traditional office, and they are making it easier and cheaper to not go back to the office than ever before.

eSuites is a temporary office space provider that offers multiple alternatives to “the office.” In addition to offering individual offices, conference rooms, and executive suites, eSuites offers virtual office space. With a virtual office address, you are not renting an actual office. Instead, you gain access to virtual services that you can use while working from home. Using a virtual office space, you have access to a business mailing address, professional phone number, meeting rooms, and video conferencing services, in addition to a conference room whenever you need to have one.

A virtual business address allows you to maintain a more professional image without using your home address or having to pay for traditional office space. Virtual offices are perfect for today’s working climate where employees want to work from home, and companies want to cut their overhead.

By cutting out commuting time, wasted time, and time spent managing the day-to-day activities that come with a physical office space, workers tend to be more productive. When employees are working from home, they still have the same expectations. If they choose to drag things out throughout the day, that is their choice. The work needs to get done one way or another, so there is no more milking the clock, which the companies are certainly happy about.

eSuites offers a number of different services for all of their spaces including virtual office services. For more information about the various offices and services offered, please visit