More people than ever are working remotely. A study found that in 2022, 25% of all professional jobs are now being conducted remotely. Due to the increasing cost of gas and housing, remote work is set to keep increasing over the next few years. Some employees thrive working from home because they do not have to contend with the typical office politics or a boss interrupting them during the day.

However, some work-from-home employees choose to perform their work out of coffee stores. A noisy coffee store is not the ideal location to be performing your work. The loud music that plays within coffee stores makes it difficult to focus and get your work done. It is also not a professional environment if you need to hop onto a video call with a client. Rather than working remotely out of a coffee stop, rent an office for a day through eSuites.

Benefits of Renting an Office from eSuites

eSuites has a more professional working environment when compared with the local coffee shop. Although the coffee shop is convenient and makes a mean cup of coffee, you will be more productive by working out of a rental office through eSuites. By renting an office for a day through eSuites, you could experience the following benefits:

  • Increased Professionalism

Your clients will appreciate the professional background when they see you on the video call. Rather than hearing blaring music or other customers in the background, you will have a completely professional environment for getting your work completed. eSuites has both co-working spaces and private offices for rent in West Palm Beach.

  • Networking Opportunities

Although you may make friends with the barista, networking opportunities are limited in a coffee shop. On the other hand, eSuites will have you surrounded by like-minded business professionals. Being surrounded by other individuals with the same mindset will allow you to create a network of local professionals in your area. Knowing the right people at the right time could open doors that you never dreamed of being opened.

Renting an office for a day through eSuites can help you get your business off the ground. The fee structure is completely flexible, and you will only pay for the days that you use the office space. Please call our office at 561-800-2827 to schedule an appointment for a free tour of our facility.